Jun 21, 2009

History Documented

Those who are interested in oral history and military history might want to check out History Documented, a website dedicated to recording and archiving firsthand accounts of veterans in the nation's wars. Toledo natives Chris Wulf and Rick Neeley have assembled a wide variety of video interviews they conducted with veterans, and they organize the profiles in a blog format as they post the interviews.

Even more commendable is the fact that Wulf and Farley are self-financing this important local history project. The site serves as a reminder that we are both inseparable from and intimately connected with the history of American military actions through the local survivors of these conflicts. Follow this link to a nine-minute video that explains the mission of History Documented.

Those of you with a few extra nickels to spare can also donate to History Documented to help these folks in preserving the experiences of war veterans for posterity.

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