Jun 20, 2009

My Wife is SuperWoman

Pictured on your left is the meal dinner feast my wife prepared for us this evening, which was an early Father's Day present to me (we have other dinner plans tomorrow). I walked outside and was astounded by the presence of marinated T-bone steaks, pierogies, cucumber salad, fresh-baked French bread, sliced watermelon, and for dessert, a pair of custard-filled chocolate eclairs big enough to have their own zip codes.

No, that's not beer in the photo: it's Reed's Premium Ginger Brew. I quit the hooch the better part of a decade ago when alcohol and I became far too friendly. If I wasn't yet an alcoholic, I was certainly flying headlong down the road to Alkyville with an open fifth of Stolichnaya in my hand, howling at the moon and doing my best impersonation of Ray Milland in The Lost Weekend.

But I digress.

As I compose this post three hours later, I am still full from the culinary expertise my wife demonstrated in her role as domestic Chef de Cuisine. She does 90 percent of the cooking, while I handle the dishes and cleanup.

A near perfect division of labor, that one.

Yet my wife is far more than just a pretty face in the kitchen. While I went outside to burn off some calories by mowing the lawn and weeding the gardens, she built a wooden shelf upon which our flat-screen television now sits. All I had to do was lug a few heavy boards and help hoist the 65-pound behemoth onto its new perch.

Trained first as an engineer, my wife utilized this particular skill set, and she designed, measured, mitred, sawed, leveled, and assembled this fine piece of carpentry. Me? If it involves much more than pounding a nail or driving a wood screw, count me out: I lack the ability to visualize any skilled carpentry job, and let's just say that my previous attempts at working with wood on my own to create something permanent have been utter failures.

But electrical? Oy! I can still kick arse in that department, and I have yet to kill myself, though I once had a bad run-in with a live 480-volt wire and a socket wrench when I was fixing a pizza oven years ago.

Even after a full day of home improvement projects and cooking the Meal of the Year, my wife still found time to pay a short visit to see my oldest son at a DJ gig he landed at Claddagh's Irish Pub at Westfield. So I need to add the title "SuperMom" to my wife's résumé, and even though we are about to celebrate Father's Day, it is the mom in our family who really rocks.


Jim Styro said...

What can I say? I agree with the title of this post 110%. You are one lucky fella - and you know it.
Hope you had a great Father's Day.

microdot said...

My wife has very particular talents, but manual tasks and technical problems are not among them.

You are a lucky man!

John Deere said...

Well, now you are as for stone wall ;)

Body Builder said...

I like the table your wife prepared for you. :) I think she is a good hand at cooking. Say her hello