Jun 5, 2009

On Glazed Pecan Paint and Home Improvements

Pictured on your left is my wife, who is applying a variety of paint samples to our living room wall in her efforts to determine the color scheme for the horror painting in which we will soon jointly participate. She is currently leaning toward a hue known as "Glazed Pecan," which suggests to me an ice cream topping more than a color of paint.

Glazed Pecan is the color that she is applying in the image, should you be curious.

I do not mind the painting so much as I do the intolerable prep work of moving furniture, laying drop cloths, and washing walls. Still, with a rather heavy workload this summer, I am reluctant to plunge into any home improvements much beyond chores like changing the empty toilet paper roll.

My wife, conversely, is the kind of go-getter who eagerly plunges into home improvement projects and maintains her enthusiasm through about 95 percent of the job. Somewhere right before the end of a given project she often starts looking ahead to the next fun task, and consequently we have more than a few just-about--but-not-quite-done projects in the house, like the last sections of molding missing in the kitchen or the couple pieces of quarter-round that still need to be replaced in some flooring projects.

Yet I love her all the same, since if it were up to me, no home improvement projects would reach a stage beyond the imagined. In fact, I find her works-in-progress style of home improvements to be endearing, at least after the dust settles.

But in the meantime I grumble and resign myself to following her muse on such matters.

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