Jun 24, 2009

On Governor Mark Sanford and Astonishing Arrogance

Tearful when caught

When news broke late last week that South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford was missing, I have to admit I bought into the pack of lies his staff dished out: the governor was simply hiking somewhere along the the Appalachian Trail after an especially stressful legislative session. In hindsight, I suppose my BS meter should have been going berserk, but the story seemed plausible enough, and who among us has not occasionally wished for some solitude from life's challenges?

It turns out, of course, that the wayward governor slinked away to Argentina to meet a woman with whom he had been intimately involved with for the past year. What most surprised me was not that Sanford committed adultery, or even that he told the most outrageous whoppers when trapped by reporters at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, but that Sanford actually thought he could pull off this high-profile disappearing act.

My suspicion is that Sanford is quite adept at the Big Con - even for a politician - and that the magnitude of the current deception only reflects the likelihood that the governor has been getting away with lesser lies for many years.

Beyond the fact that Sanford is a first-class weasel for betraying his wife - and for making matters far, far worse by high-tailing it to Buenos Aires for a goodbye fling with his mistress - the governor's political career might be completely finished. Certainly any hopes Sanford had about a 2012 presidential run evaporated during the Argentina scandal, and I doubt that he will be able to withstand the fierce calls for his resignation from members of both major parties.

An extramarital affair is toxic to a political career, but being caught on camera lying his arse off to reporters is the height of stupidity on the part of Mark Sanford.

Or maybe the height of hubris.

Of course, the new trend is for disgraced politicians to make the reality television circuit. A repulsive snake and generator of crocodile tears like Mark Sanford would fit in well in a low-country swamp setting for a season of Survivor, would he not?


Mad Jack said...

I think you're quite right about one thing, and that is the skill of this confidence man and the hubris he has to attempt to foist such a blatant lie onto the US citizens. But then, why should we expect any better from our political leaders?

Sanford was very critical of The Anointed One, and naturally this fiasco automatically invalidates all his criticisms, no matter if they were accurate or not. The Stupid Party will wait to check the fallout before acting, because Sanford may pull out of this somehow. You may remember that Slick Willie came out smelling like a rose, and in fact his popularity grew each time the Stupid Party threw mud at him. The Moonbats are looking for a suitably green tree and a length of rope. Well, what do you expect?

The thing that everyone is forgetting here is that this arrogant, lying adulterer has said that he was in Argentina with Maria. How do we know what else he was up to, or even if he really was in Argentina?

Good moral behavior is not a legal prerequisite for holding a public office, but given the recent antics of elected officials maybe it should be.

Engineer of Knowledge said...

Hello History Mike,
Good and current posting. I also wrote tonight about Sen. John Ensign of Nevada and Gov. Mark Sanford of South Carolina, both leading candidates to run for the Republican Presidential elections.

Both whom hold up “Family Values” as if they had the monopoly on this issue. Ensign belongs to the men’s Christian ministry "Promise Keepers," and has championed causes pushed by the GOP’s conservative religious base.

The sad truth is both were working every con job to appear as if they had the moral high ground.

To follow up on Mad Jack's statement, "waiting to check the follout because Sanford may pull out of this" SNAFU. Sanford is now trying to put out the damage control statement by saying that he was soooooo stressed out because the Supreme Court ruled that he had to take the Obama stimulas money. Oh, Poor Baby!!!

Both have been involved with lying, cheating, and infidelity against their wives. Their self-proclaiming moral high ground is nothing more than the typical hypocritical crap that comes from the Christian, Extreme Right Wing Conservatives. The sooner the Moderate Republican’s purge this extreme cancer from within the Party……THE BETTER!!!

steve said...

He was visiting the boyz from Brazil.

.. oh zing ..

Carol said...

And he had the nerve to vote to impeach Clinton for moral impropriety?! This type of hypocrisy is what's wrong with our country today. It's mind boggling.

Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...


I can understand your confusion...

Appalachian Trail and Argentinian Tail do look almost identical..., in print.

SensorG said...

Who will stop the GOP’s relentless assault against family values?

historymike said...


Agreed that Sanford has hurt the GOP far worse than just losing a presidential front-runner.

historymike said...


Agreed that republicans who trumpet family values and morality ought to be damned sure their own house is in order.

That being said, I also get annoyed with the sycophantic wealthy liberals who trumpet the causes of the working class: exactly how much does a guy like Ted Kennedy know about about physical labor?

(no jokes about laboring to cover up drowned bodies in the waters around Chappaquiddick Island, please)

historymike said...


I enjoyed that book. Maybe his mistress Maria was a cover for his SECRET TIES TO THE NAZIS.

historymike said...


Heh. I am sure Sanford would have faced somewhat less criticism if he had not been such a prominent face on the talk shows espousing his brand of morality.

historymike said...

Hooda Thunkit:

Good line, I may steal it.

historymike said...


You are too clever. Your satirical response made my afternoon!

ev said...

On a side note, his wife has been one class act since this whole thing has broken.

I think she has been a much more realistic face of what a woman this level of public betrayal should be showing. She's not blindly standing by his side, but neither is she eliminating the possiblity of continueing their relationship. She apepars strong, yet willing to work at it.

I think too often the women in this situation are perceived as weak because they unconditionally stand by their man, and then by some, perceived to be "at fault" for the bad behaviors of their spouse, like some have criticized Edwards.

historymike said...

I am in 100 percent agreement, ev. I saw Mrs. Sanford on CNN this morning, and she calmly and assertively stayed on her message: "I am concerned about my children ... I am trying to make my marriage work ... Mark's political future is his problem..."

She stayed strong in the face of tough and intrusive questions by reporters ambushing her in her car, and I marveled at her ability to remain focused and calm.

Yes, truly a class act, and Sanford does not deserve such a woman, though he might still be able to save his troubled marriage.

Engineer of Knowledge said...

Hello History Mike,
Sorry for taking so long to reply back. You are correct pointing out that hypocrites are on both sides of the political spectrum.

I would also like to point out that every time Ted Kennedy thought about running for President, that Chappaquiddick episode always squashed any hope no matter how much political pull and money was thrown in his direction.

Now Patrick Joseph Kennedy, the paternal grandfather, was active in Boston politics, as Irish ward boss, state representative (five times), and state senator (one time). John F. Fitzgerald, the maternal grandfather, was Boston's mayor. Both grandfathers were of the Irish immigrant class and have instilled in their family where they came from and that it takes hard diligent work to take advantage of the upwardly mobile ness that has afforded their position in this country. It also takes a lot of hard work by the generations following to stay as this stratification of society. With this thought, I feel that over the many years in politics, the Kennedy political family has always tried to be a voice for the working class. You don’t have to have dirt and sweat on your face, grease under your fingernails, or calluses on your hands to do this.