Jun 10, 2009

On James von Brunn, White Supremacists, and Holocaust Denial

Left: James von Brunn, photo from his website

It was with great sadness that I learned of the act of racist terror perpetrated today at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum by James von Brunn. The neo-Nazi activist, once jailed for attempting to arrest governors of the Federal Reserve Board, entered the Washington, DC building this afternoon with a rifle and shot museum security guard Stephen Tyrone Johns.

Johns was pronounced dead at George Washington University Hospital a few moments ago, while von Brunn remains in critical condition after other museum guards returned fire.

I have studied at great length the racist right for several years now, and while I am shocked and disturbed by the shooting, it does not surprise me that a neo-Nazi would perpetrate an act like this. Over the past year I have written less on the subject, in part because of my efforts to finish my dissertation.

Yet part of me simply grew tired of writing about the same dysfunctional loons who populate the racist right. I also grew weary of the real-life harassment and cyber-terror these clowns perpetrate, including death threats and employment disruptions carried out by some of the racist vermin who lurk in our midst. However, from time to time I am compelled to weigh in on the various movements that can be lumped together under the catch-all term "white nationalism."

Or maybe my urge to write about white supremacists is more akin to picking a scab over and over again. Who knows?

Left: Screen shot of von Brunn's favorite websites; click to enlarge

Von Brunn's writings on his website, Holy Western Empire.org, are the usual hodgepodge of whacked-out conspiracy theorists. His magnum opus, a book entitled Tob Shebbe Goyim Harog, contains a blend of diatribes against the Illuminati, Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, and the latest doctrine in the racist canon: Holocaust denial. I read a few chapters looking for some insight into the mind of von Brunn, but essentially this is a cut-and-paste collection of quotes interspersed with von Brunn's delusional ramblings. Here is a typical passage, taken from von Brunn's Foreword:

The Rules of Navigation tell us that to set a new course we first must know where we are; to know where we are we must know where we have been. Therefore, we intend to briefly examine the history of the CONSPIRACY; followed by a description of the CONSPIRACY in action: LIBERALISM/MARXISM/JEWRY; and finally we will offer a plan to remove the cancer from our Cultural Organism. If it is not removed we die.

REMEMBER: White genes cannot be created, they can only be transmitted. We Aryans can always build another State upon the ruins of the old; but once the White genepool is polluted YOU CAN KISS THE BLONDES, REDHEADS AND FAIR SKINNED BRUNETTES GOODBYE FOREVER!
There is little hope in having a reasoned discussion with misguided people who eagerly swallow such tripe, as I have learned over the years. The true believers of the racist right begin with fraudulent pieces of disinformation such as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and theirs is a worldview sustained by the writings of a handful of influential zealots who distort history in their pursuit of goals such as white homelands, forced migration of non-whites, or genocide.

Von Brunn's despicable act today might serve as a temporary wake up call to the world of the dangers posed by the unstable elements among the racist right, but unfortunately I suspect that the shock value of the killing of Stephen Tyrone Johns will only last a few days. The racist thugs who are convinced of a Jewish conspiracy to exterminate whites will continue to spew their idiocy, and occasionally the more demented in their lot will continue to kill.

And most of the rest of us will pretend that the racist right is harmless and should be ignored.


14 words said...

More Jew-lies from a race traitor. You are blind and don't even know it!

Thomas said...

Yeah Brooks! You're on the dark side where common sense and decency and respect for man matters. Jew lover!

Ms. 14 words comment would be funny if she were just messing around like I was above. Pathetic pos.

I'm feeling the rage and anger you exhibited in class on this subject last fall after reading the above comment

14 words said...

Typical Jew-speak by calling the white patriot delusional and psycho, you are a regular Sigmund JEW Freud!

Thomas said...

Please define Jew speak.

This is funny. Bless your little soul. Gotta send this link around.

historymike said...

Sigh - here come the loons.

14 words:

What is the point in even debating you? Your mind is apparently made up that DA JOOS are out to get you.

historymike said...


HA! You inadvertently "proved" one of the points of the white nationalists: Jews and their lackeys (like me, the notorious closet Jew known as HistoryKike ® by the rabid racists) use the educational system to indoctrinate white youths into their own race extermination.

Thomas refers to a lecture I gave last fall to a historical methods class on Holocaust denial. I outlined some of the key players and described the methods by which they claim the Holocaust was faked.

While I did rant a bit about the neo-Nazis, my real purpose was to show both the shoddy methodology of the Holocaust deniers and inculcate greater respect for the painstaking, deliberate work of legitimate historians.



Thomas said...

I don't remember the Marx part, although you are a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, but I remember you did say something about the digital camera was invited in something hundred bc by a JEW.

It all makes perfect sense now. Even Your last name is Jewish - Brooksovitz

historymike said...

For those unfamiliar with the ugly world of white nationalism, the mainstream media has been touting Stormfront.org as representative of white nationalism.

However, Stormfront is more like racist-lite. Here is a link to the current VNN Forum thread on James von Brunn. VNN is where the real hardcore loons go to thump their chests and plot a white revolution.

Some interesting (and typical) comments from the thuds at VNN so far:

Deathtozog: "This might be the best news I have read in a while. These filthy jews need to know that they are not safe anywhere, even their Kwa homeland."

KalkiAvatar: "A true American Hero!"

spoon: "So why the fuck didn't he cap some kikes?!?"

Odin: "Fewer visitors to the kike museum is a good thing."

Anonymous said...

I'm not defending the bastard who shot up the Holocaust museum, Mikey, but why do you always call these Nazis the racist "right?" Seems to me a National Socialist is really a lefty.


historymike said...


You also left out the Bilderberger and Rothschild connections I have.

historymike said...


Don't get thrown off by the use of the word "socialist" in some of the racist political groups. Some of this is just Nazi fetishism, as they worship some warped ideals that Hitler supposedly personified. Some groups also view a modified socialism that only focuses on the "social" aspects of ethnic cleansing and/or genocide.

I use the term "racist right" because most of these folks also tend to share traditional conservative values about small government, law-and-order, fear of moral decay, and low taxes.

Also, it is not as though the right has a monopoly on looniness or genocidal politics. Thugs like Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot have as much or more blood on their hands as Hitler, Mussolini, Pinochet, or Suharto.

Finally: "racist right" does not imply that all rightwingers are racist or even condone racism. If anyhting, it is a way to differentiate between those who want smaller government and those who want a smaller government that also attacks non-whites.

historymike said...

A quick note:

Those bloggers who do not normally engage in debate with (or post about) the racist right are discouraged from agging on the racists who might pop up here in the next day or two.

The thugs in the varous white nationalist movements tend to target anyone they perceive as "sympathizers" with closet Jew race-traitors like me. They may do a lot of bizarre stuff like Photoshopping your picture having sex with farm animals, or harassing you on your blogs/email accounts.

Be forewarned - some of the racists are mentally unstable and will engage in cyber-terror.

Anonymous said...

Most white nationalists agree that this hurts our cause, and you would be surprised to know that most of us are highly intelligent and patriotic Americans. But you would rather believe we are a bunch of rednecks and knuckledraggers, LOL!!!

You will learn, mmy friend, you will learn. Most white people are fed up with having to live next door to black criminal gangsters, and it won't take very much to wake them up when the race war starts.

LTLOP said...

Mike, c'mon this would be the perfect time to point out that the troll-fu of 14 words is quite weak. Actually a 3 out of 10. Recycling of the tired same diatribe. (at least they being environmentally friendly)14 words probably describes his limited vocab. After looking at the link his web site looks like the Onion for the mentally retarded. Sorry, I did not mean to insult the mentally challenged by comparing them to the tin-foil hat wearing, Bilderburger/rotschild/papist/jews control the blacks/illuminati conspiracy theorist red blooded race conscious 'murricans.

Corey said...

Ahh the knights in white satin, how I love to read the comments and listen to the arguments. It makes me laugh at the movement when people like 14 words (88 would be better suited as it is short sweet and to the point) begin to throw insults and present arguments with no factual backing.

"Most white nationalists agree that this hurts our cause, and you would be surprised to know that most of us are highly intelligent and patriotic Americans. But you would rather believe we are a bunch of rednecks and knuckledraggers, LOL!!!

You will learn, mmy friend, you will learn. Most white people are fed up with having to live next door to black criminal gangsters, and it won't take very much to wake them up when the race war starts."

Well done you have calmly stated your opinion and admitted that their are extremists that weaken your cause. I can now consider your opinion and present some kind of an argument. While their might be "black criminal gangsters" would the cause of this problem originate with the white's treatment of African Americans throughout history?

Mind you I have read Mein Kampf and thought it was an excellent read (not for the whole extermination of the Jewish-Bolshevik race ect...).

If there is a point to my post it's that in order to argue a specific point, you need facts or you bring your cause no support. Also for those who are interested in UNDERSTANDING the full spectrum of the argument of white supremacy, read Mein Kampf and become educated in both sides.

Constance Cumbey said...

Well chosen words for your blog -- I noticed with more than a small degree of interest and concern that those surrounding James von Brunn and using his materials were also speaking of a distinctly New Age theme of "Memes." The well-documented ties between virulent anti-Semitism and the occult should not be ignored in our analysis of this tragic and dastardly situation. Keep up your excellent research and good work!

Constance E. Cumbey

Mad Jack said...

The anti-gun, anti-freedom crowd are all over this one like white on rice. This includes the likes of Hitlery Clinton and various other White House screwballs. Their tired old mantra of 'If we had more gun laws this would never have happened' evidently bears repeating. The standard howls of outrage and dismay are followed by carefully crafted rhetoric predicting new trends in public shootings and copycat crimes.

What disturbs me most is that this is one shooting by one man, motivated by Lord only knows what twisted delusions. As of right now, Google is generating over 6000 hits in the news section. Commercial media is promoting this story at the expense of the political situation in the Middle East, the GM bankruptcy, the state of Chrysler corp, the absolutely outrageous behavior of the State government in Albany, and the executive order pronounced by The Anointed One to the graduates of Annapolis to leave their dress swords at home during their graduation ceremony, as The Anointed One would be addressing the class. No one but the Chosen is allowed to bear weapons in the presence of The Anointed One, you see.

This is our government at work, as mirrored by our media at work. Yammer loud enough and you'll drown out rationality.

Thomas said...

I would like to question the right wing labeling.

Perhaps, historically, Von Brunn fits the right wing category, but contemporarily, particualrly in the US, right wing is broadly associated with republican.

Von brunn hated both Bush 41 and 43, hated McCain, hated republicans, hated Jews (obviously), hated neo-cons, and thought 9/11 was an inside job.

Perhaps the definition of right wing in America has changed like the defn. of liberal changed around the time of FDR.

microdot said...

Man, if you draw comments like this from these radioactive moonbats, you must be doing something right...

Race War, Rabid Anti Semitism pour like the foam from the mouth of a rabid dog...

The border;line incoherence of some of these comments would be almost humorous if it wasn't so patently vile!