Jun 26, 2009

Puggle with an Ouchie

Pictured on your left is our Puggle Eddie Haskell, who is recovering from an injury sustained during a period of rough-housing with our other two Puggles. He somehow ripped out the nail from one of his toes, and my daughter noticed Eddie limping around last night.

One of the many endearing qualities about Eddie is that - despite his tough exterior and position as house alpha dog - he is a complete baby when he does not feel well. He is hyper-sensitive to people poking around any injury, and the vet tech this morning used the phrase "doggie drama" to describe his howling when she cleaned his wound and put on the green bandage.

Yet I must add that Eddie is a model patient, as he has not so much as sniffed at his bandage. Many dogs we have owned or fostered cannot wait to start tearing at any bandages or sutures, but Eddie's stoicism and patience are exemplary, at least as far as canines go.

Of course, I cannot discount the fact that Eddie might be milking the extra attention a smidgen, given the fuss that everyone has paid him since he returned from the clinic. Lord knows that everyone in the house has been showering him with "you poor baby" and "awww...poor Eddie" all day. More importantly he has been able to get some quality time with Mama today, so I think Eddie will play along and get his money's worth out of this bandage.


Carol said...

Looks like Eddie has suffered a war wound, for sure. I'm sure he's just languishing in the attention being extolled on him. LOL He, like most dogs (or children for that matter), is going to remain the 'star' as long as possible.

I hope he's on the mend quickly. He's such a cute little guy!

Mr. Puggle said...

mike, sounds like you are a lil' jealous? hahahahaha

poor puppy. thanks for taking such good care of him.