Jul 31, 2009

A Couple of Kids

Pictured on your left is an image from 1934 of my grandparents as teenaged lovebirds as they grew up in Depression-era Detroit. My wife and I spent most of the day with my grandfather helping him with a few last-minute funeral preparations, and we spent about a half-hour looking at some old photographs that will be part of a visual memorial tomorrow at services for my late grandmother.

It looks like my grandfather weighs about 130 pounds soaking wet, and my grandmother looks like she is still a child in this picture. I am sure, though, that at the time of the photo these two people could have never imagined that they would be together another 75 years, or that they would live to see the day when Outer Banks foreclosures would be commonplace.

May they spend eternity together when they are one day reunited.


Champagne - Miner said...

Sry to hear about your loss but this is an amazing picture. And they spent 75 years together .... wow most relationships nowdays don't even last 10. Definitely wish things were more like back then when it comes to basic relationship, in some ways.

Mad Jack said...

That guy is a happy man, and little wonder!