Jul 3, 2009

Fiery Lilies

Pictured on your left are a group of lilies in my yard that begin to bloom each year around the first of July. What I especially enjoy about these colorful flowers is the way that they almost seem to be on fire when sunlight hits them, as if scarlet-hued tongues of flame are leaping from the stems onto the fence and the house.

I think that the specific name of this flower is the Stargazer Lily, though I may be wrong since there are far too many many hybrids and new varieties that emerge in horticulture for any non-specialist to keep up with all the names.

The blossoms of this lily are so heavy that I have to assist the plants by tying a few strands of hemp string to keep the lengthy stems upright. Otherwise, the brilliant red petals would fall over and turn into fodder for the many feet that would trample the flowers, which are located near the front door of the house.

1 comment:

mud_rake said...

Terrific! I've never seen lilies of that color. Our continual tinkering with genetics has resulted in flower heads way-too heavy for the standard, non-modified stems to uphold. I must stake my lilies too.