Jul 12, 2009

Hannon's Block

The exterior of the Hannon's Block building on Monroe Street in downtown Toledo caught my eye the other day. Built in 1874, the structure may have been the first Toledo building that was wired for electric light.

The Toledo Free Press reported in March that Hannon's Block will be "renovated into modern, “green living” apartment and town home-style residential spaces." Certainly the opening of the new downtown arena - coupled with the Mud Hens and Fifth Third Field - makes the area much more viable for development. The project is slated to be finished by November, and there will be street-level retail space that complements the lofts and town homes in the residential portion of the building.

It is indeed refreshing to see development in downtown Toledo, especially development that actually comes to fruition. Far too often in the recent past exciting projects have been announced that ultimately never seem to leave the initial demolition stage.

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