Jul 10, 2009

It's Pea-Pickin' Time in Toledo

I am cultivating a small crop of snow peas this year, and over the past few days the pink-white blossoms began to turn into the flat pods that are the hallmark of this variety of peas.

These snow pea pods have a mildly sweet taste, and they are best eaten before the seeds get too big, at which time the pod becomes fibrous and tough.

I experimented with a different system this year to get the vines to grow better. About every eight inches I placed a four-foot bamboo stake, and I wove hemp string in between the stakes to create a latticed string effect upon which the tendrils could grab hold. The result is a series of bushy vines almost four feet in height, and the yield seems to be much higher than in years past.

Of course, there are not enough pea pods for me to be checking out moving companies Los Angeles, but we had plenty for a side dish at dinner tonight.

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