Jul 2, 2009

On the Slow Road to Ideal Weight and Optimal Health

Left: seven down, lots to go

In my conscious decision to embrace a more healthy lifestyle, I decided that the cornerstone to my boost in physical exercise would be walking. In the past 11 days I have logged more than 40 miles, ranging anywhere from two to four miles on my 45-year-old legs per day.

My effort to lose 30 pounds is also based upon calorie counting and daily caloric reductions, and I initially tried eating only 1500 calories a day. However, after a week of this highly restrictive diet I found that I was actually more tired, and I recently upped my total to a more realistic 2000 per day.

My initial weight loss has been decent, and I am down seven pounds in just under two weeks (from just under 230 pounds to about 222 pounds). Yet I have to be on guard against complacency, since I am notorious for diets that last about 1-2 weeks, and in which I slowly regain the 5-10 pounds I lost.

This time, though, I am also paying attention to the quality of food I eat, and I have all but eliminated fats and refined sugars from my daily intake. Instead I am consuming whole grains, high-fiber cereals, low-fat meats like fish and chicken, and lots of fruits and vegetables. A snack for me over the past week is likely to be a banana, a tangerine, or a handful of edamame.

I would love to say that I am immediately reaping the benefits of healthier eating and increased exercise, but so far my body seems in transition. I suppose that it will be many weeks before it adjusts to dietary changes, and that the damage from years of excess sugars, fats, and cholesterol cannot be repaired with a couple of weeks of better living.

I can say, though, that most of my clothes fit better, and that my urges to pig out get satiated with low-calorie alternatives like soybeans and yogurt. Perhaps that is enough for the moment.

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Engineer of Knowledge said...

Hello Mike,
I too have changed my eating habits and at the age of 56, need to loose weight. On my visit to the doctor's office this week after eating what tasted like dirt and wood for 4 months, I have lost 5lbs. YeeHaw!

Good luck to us all.