Jul 1, 2009

On Walking and Buffalo Heads

One of the pleasant side effects of walking around the neighborhood is seeing the hidden features of your community, sights that would remain unseen if all you do is drive through your little corner of the Earth. Such is the case with the fungal growth on the oak tree pictured on your left, which struck me as rather buffalo-like when I approached it from the north.

I have driven this stretch of my street hundreds - perhaps thousands - of times, and I before never noticed the apparition of the snorting buffalo. Yet the creature loomed just over my head in my recent walks, and I wondered instead how previously I could have missed this three-foot appendage, even while I was driving.

Then, too, other people might see different shapes or objects in the misshapen formation, and what appears to me as obvious might be completely missed by another viewer from a different angle, or even from a person standing in the same spot I did. Also, the image undoubtedly looks different through the lens of a digital camera as it might when captured by people with digital camcorders.

Feel free to offer your interpretations of the arboreal tumor in the comments section.

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mud_rake said...

There is a crusty and knotted old apple tree in the Toledo Botanical Gardens 'Pioneer Home' section that conjures up dragonly images as well.