Jul 13, 2009

A Recommended Writing and Editing Consultant

A friend of mine has launched a consulting business that focuses on academic writing and professional writing service. The purpose of this post is simply to recommend Russ Sprinkle and RS Consulting to people who are looking for a high-quality and professional editing and proofreading service.

I have known Russ for about six years from our work together at the writing center of a local university, and he is among the brightest and most experienced people I know. Moreover, Russ has backgrounds in both business and academia, and he successfully works with clients in many fields.

Whether you are a graduate student who needs help elevating your writing to the pristine standards of academia, or whether you are a corporate representative concerned about the quality of your firm's written materials, Russ and his staff are excellent resources who deliver a level of quality second to none.

Full disclosure: This is an unpaid endorsement, not a paid advertisement. I write simply to highlight this nascent company and its laudable reputation.


SensorG said...

It’s all fun and games till your old writing consultant rats you out to your news paper publisher for plagiarism. Then you have to go their boss and try to get them fired from their job for pointing out that you’re a liar and thief.

So much time and energy spent…

historymike said...


Lots more to that story, but I am sworn to secrecy until the parties involved choose to tell it, SensorG.

Good chuckle, though.

Mr. Puggle said...

oh that is good to know. thanks.