Jul 29, 2009

Rogue Zinnia

In the middle of a patch of magenta and lavender zinnias I planted this spring, there appeared a light orange blossom, one that almost resembled a pumpkin-orange or peach-orange in hue. I am not complaining about the color variation, mind you, as I paid only 20 cents a pack for the seeds at Rite Aid. I just found this to be an captivating contrast of pigments in the natural palette.

Interestingly, some of my best-performing seeds this year have been the very cheap packets I purchased at Rite Aid. The Rite Aid zucchinis far out-performed the Burpee packets that were eight times the price, and the marigolds and zinnias also exceeded my expectations.

I picked up some end-of-season foxglove seeds from a trip to Walgreen's last week, and I hope that my strategy of drugstore-as-nursery continues to pay horticultural dividends.

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