Jul 25, 2009

Smoke and Thunder

I am not trying to make some sort of environmental statement with the following picture of what appears to be some sort of pavement-sealing vehicle. I simply found the contrast between the truck's orange paint job and the blue sky to be eye-catching, and the black diesel exhaust just highlights the industrial themes in the image.

Or something like that.

The sealing truck also produced a terrific roar as it thundered past me onto Centennial Road last week. This was one of those heavy, open-throttle blasts of pure noise that shakes loose anything not firmly secured, and the kind of deafening sound that can even drown out any hounds who might try to howl in protest.

I suspect that .wav file of the event, if stored in computer memory, would be a meager re-creation of the multi-sensory effects of this passing behemoth.

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