Jul 20, 2009

Urban Wildflower Garden

Last year I converted some dead space in my backyard to a wildflower garden, and I started by sowing a few packets of wildflower seeds indigenous to Ohio. This summer is the first time the garden produced any meaningful amount of flowers.

I have been trying to avoid the temptation to manage the space, which would sort of defeat the purpose of creating a "wildflower" garden. After all, if I extensively weed and selectively promote the growth of certain plants over others, I am just creating another artificial landscape, albeit with flowers considered to be wild.

I did draw the line at the raspberry runners, though. If I took a laissez faire approach to the raspberries, inevitably I would just wind up with another raspberry patch, as these plants are quite hardy and they dominate a given space.

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LTLOP said...

I notice the chamomile is there. Did the Mrs. back out of the prior agreement? Looks good tho', just don't let it get like my crazy neighbors