Jul 24, 2009

Vacation Dreams: Tortola

While I have always looked forward to the idea of one day taking a few Caribbean cruises, one of the ideal vacation spots for me would have to be the Eastern Caribbean. I am especially interested in visiting out-of-the-way destinations like Tortola, which is the largest of the British Virgin Islands.

Tortola was first settled by Europeans when the Dutch established a colonial settlement there in 1648. The British captured Tortola in 1672 as a sort of side dust-up in the military activities of the Third Anglo-Dutch War, and the island has been administered as an overseas territory of the United Kingdom ever since.

Though the island is quite populous and is no stranger to tourism, Tortola is not exactly a household name in the United States, and savvy travelers to the West Indies know that it is underrated as a vacation destination. I typically prefer the less traveled paths when I vacation, and a cruise that includes Tortola as a port of call would be high on my list of options.

After all: I might not return to the States if I were to set foot on Tortola, so I might simply slip off and become a beach bum.

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