Aug 20, 2009

20 Pounds Down, 20 Pounds Left to Lose

The old saw about weight loss is that diet and exercise are the real keys to shedding unwanted pounds, and I have to say that this simplest of advice is certainly the best. Since early June when I started walking 3-4 miles a day and cutting back on carbs and fats (while keeping calories in the 2000-per-day range), my weight has dropped from 235 pounds to 213.

No diet-pills, no fads, just plain old caloric reduction and an increase in exercise.

What I find most interesting about my lifestyle changes are how quickly they became ingrained into my daily routines. It is almost as though I am addicted to the miles, and I feel like I am slacking if the rain cuts me down to two miles or so. Of course, there is a link between endorphin release and exercise, so this is not a surprise, but I look forward to walking as I might have looked forward to a cheeseburger a few months ago.

So I write this post not to brag about my own modest weight loss, but to encourage anyone reading that even I - someone who used to eat like a training camp lineman - even I can lose 1-2 pounds a week with modest changes in diet and adding 45 minutes a day in exercise.

As a bonus, my stomach also gets filled up more quickly, so there is now a built-in physical barrier to overeating. A few weeks ago my wife and I went out to dinner, and an 8-ounce filet mignon left me almost stuffed. I am the kind of person, mind you, who formerly preferred beef in portions 20 ounces and above.

I am sure this post is disappointing to my manly friends, those who cheered me on as I ate prodigious amounts of food, but life is too short to lose years to heart disease, liver trouble, and diabetes.


Anonymous said...

Waytogo, Mikey!

Jim Styro said...

I consider myself a (rather) manly friend - and I think this is awesome news. I have done a bit of backsliding recently, but my weight-loss experience was much the same as yours. The hardest part is to overcome the inertia of whatever habits one has acquired over their lifetime and get things moving in a different direction.

Oh - and I wish I didn't like eating so much. That would make things easier too.
[Should I be worried that the Word Verification for this comment is "ecoli"?]

Jim Styro said...

Trampoline is one of the greatest albums of the last ten years (unless it's older than that)!
I always knew you had great taste.

Middle Aged Woman said...

I'm cheering for you, too!

microdot said...

20 lbs! Congratulations!
I've been trying to lose the same damn kilo for the last year.

historymike said...


Muchas gracias.

historymike said...


Agreed that inertia is a potent force that has stymied many a dieter.

Also: you are quite correct about Trampoline. I have been puzzling over why this especially well-produced, well-written, and creative album sold so poorly. On a cynical day I might cite this as evidence of the decline of Western culture, but I suppose it was simply too hard to market.

Face it: any album with songs featuring such eclectic instrumentation as an electric sitar and mariachi-style horns ("I Hope You Want Me Too") must be a marketer's nightmare.

And yet this is one of the strongest records beginning-to-end I have heard in a long, long time. Also, Raul Malo's vocals on this record are beyond amazing: he is almost channeling singers like Roy Orbison here.

historymike said...


Thanks for the cheers!

historymike said...


See, it must be the metric system. If you measured in good old-fashioned English-style pounds you would have alrady lost the weight.

microdot said...

I got one more iota of bad advice for you...but this is really good advice!
I was at a kind of village garage sale in June and thought I normally never buy used appliances, I took a chance and bought a Phillips Ice Cream Maker for 6 Euros.
It seemed to be in perferct condition and when I got howm I checked it out on the internet and found it was the current Phillips model and got the instruction downloaded in English.
It's one of the new types with a bowl with holow sides filled with a freezable liquid.
There are so many great recipes for ice cream and ices that are really low with a little imagination, it becomes rocket science!
The latest variation involves my nosttalgic memories of visits to the Vernors Ginger Ale factory that once was on Woodward Avenue in Detroit...
I have a real nostalgic yearning for a Vernor's Float....
So we made low cal vanilla ice cream flavored with ginger and chunks of candied ginger...
It is incredible!

When you think of the caloric equivalent compared to a container of Dannon Fruit Yoghurt or even more so, the premixed yoghurt based snacks...a few scoops of home made ice cream is much less!

The making of the ice cream, once you have done it a few times is less than 1 hour, frm the time you make the mix and put in the maker and then into the freezer of your fridge.

I cannot think of a better way to reward yourself for being a "good boy" all day long!!

Mad Jack said...

Congratulations Mike! I know how hard it is to lose the weight. Weight goes on so easily, but getting it off requires industrial grade solvent and a block and tackle.

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