Aug 15, 2009

How's This for a Wicked Needle Stick?

Pictured on your left is my left elbow, the color of which is now an intriguing purple-red-black blend thanks to a Mengele-like nuclear medicine technician at Toledo Hospital. I went in for a scan of my liver and pancreas, and the technician had some trouble getting my vein to cooperate.

"You will probably have a little bruising tomorrow," he intoned.

Luckily there really is no pain with the 9-inch by 5-inch bruise, but it certainly evokes a lot of comments like this: "My God - WHAT happened to your arm?" or "You let your wife beat you up like that?"

I ought to develop a convincing cover story involving burning buildings and saved babies, or perhaps how I fought off a dozen Nazi Ninjas over truck accessories or something.


Mad Jack said...

Vell, mein heir, dere mite pe etwas schmerzen... recover a few days in you vill.

Frau Blucher? Ach tung! Zee needle if you vill.

Suzanne said...

For a minute there, I thought that was the same arm that got "shocked" during your battery exchange.

Mr. Puggle said...

just say, "You should see the other guy."