Aug 15, 2009

New Email Address

Due to a change in employers I have a new email address, which is as follows:

I should also point out that I just used an email munger here. This was thoughtfully provided by Daniele Raffo that obfuscates a given email address so that spambots and spiders cannot read it.

Take that, spammers.


Middle Aged Woman said...

Maybe Bowling Green won't be assholes about parking? Isn't that a bit of a drive? Are you moving? Is UT kissing you goodbye! Did you finish the damn dissertation? Are you Dr. Historymike yet? I have a million questions!

Jason said...

This is a great site that you have here. I have a debate site myself where anyone can freely express their opinion on a wide collection of debate topics. I was wondering if we could possibly do a link exchange. We have to stick together.

historymike said...


1. BGSU is very cool about parking - they don't even charge faculty for a permit. Also, UT denied my appeal on that BS ticket, so I have to pay it.

2. I plan to defend my dissertation this fall. I have about 100 pages to go, and I just churned out two today.

3. The BGSU position is full-time, so I'll have to vacate the remainder of my UT fellowship. However, the pay is considerably higher than my five-part-time-teaching-gigs_plus-a-fellowship approach, so I would be a fool to pass up this new job.

Debbie G said...

Congratulations Michael on the new job and the weight loss! And of course to both you and Kim on the adoption of little Missy!

Mad Jack said...

Do you want some of us to show up and cheer you on during the defense of your dissertation? Just askin'.

The TU police and traffic court are jokes. The police at TU should be disarmed for the safety of the public and only allowed out with a civilian keeper over the age of 30. You want to find truly stupid people? Look no further than the TU police.

Unless traffic court has changed, I think it's staffed by undergrad law students and football scholarship recipients. My only thought is: tar, feathers, rail, traffic court. Some assembly required.

Congratulations on your new job at BG. You'll like it better there.