Aug 18, 2009

On Eating Raw Cookie Dough and Other Dangerous Behaviors

Left: not to be eaten raw, and wash your hands after handling, please

I had to scratch my head as I read the news that Nestle’s Toll House Cookie Dough has returned to store shelves after a two-month recall. It seems that dozens of people became sick after eating the raw dough, which may or may not have been linked to a strain of E. coli.

In a supposedly enlightened era of food safety and health care awareness, the news that so many people continue to eat products containing raw egg astounds me. Do you ovophilial folks also like to run around playing Russian roulette with discarded hypodermic needles and rusty nails?

I mean, this is 2009, and there have been warnings about the dangers of eating such uncooked products for decades. Does Nestle really need to put a big, bold warning label on packages of cookie dough to discourage people from engaging in stupid behavior?

Apparently so.

I also know someone who is an educated health care professional, and this person enjoys eating raw ground beef. Yes, that same product known to be such a favorite vehicle for the transportation and incubation of the deadly E. coli 0157:H7 strain. I have pointed this out to my friend many times, yet she seemingly cannot refrain from popping a chunk of raw hamburger in her mouth when cooking.


So to those who love eating raw and uncooked products known to carry illness-causing microbes, I have little sympathy when you inevitably wind up with a food-borne illness. Your dance with the culinary Fates is voluntary, and any cases of such diseases as salmonellosis you incur are completely preventable.


Mad Jack said...

Okay, HistoryMike. Or should I more properly address you as FustianMike?

ovophilial is a horrid made up word, likely from the following:


used in some words as comb. form of L. ovum egg; see most of these in their alphabetical places. Sometimes used with adjectives of form to denote an approach to an oval shape, as in ovo-e"lliptic, ovo-"pyriform, ovo-rhom"boidal.

phil, a.

(fIl) [The suffix -phil used as a separate word.]

Having a love or leaning (towards something).

-ial, suffix
repr. L. -iQlis, -iQle, in adjs. formed from n. stems in -io-, -ia-, as cGriQlis, tibiQlis; extensively used in med.L., Fr., and Eng. to form derivative adjs. from L. adjs. in -is, -ius, as cælest-is, celest-i-al, terrestr-is, terrestr-i-al, dictQtZr-i-us, dictator-i-al. See -al suffix1 I.

Try the word on google and you'll get two (2) hits, both at HistoryMike's blog. Clearly Mr. History has too much free time on his hands and has found a new hobby.

I have eaten raw eggs in eggnog and similar concoctions. I purchase the eggs from a local farm where the feed is carefully monitored and the eggs are refrigerated. I pay a premium price for the eggs.

I think it's been about ten years since The Blade did an article on hamburg, pork and trichinosis. It seems that when the local market finishes grinding pork, they continue with beef thus getting a little pork into the hamburg. Coincidentally the pork contained larvae from the trichina worm. And so, when the burger is undercooked, the consumer will get trichinosis. Not nice.

Middle Aged Woman said...

Hi, everyone. My name is Mary, and I eat raw cookie dough.

No, I LOVE raw cookie dough. I can stop any time I want to, though.

Hey, Mike, go read me here:

mud_rake said...

Mike- you ASSume that we are an intelligent nation because it is 2009. Didn't you read that 75% of those who watch FoxNews think that there really ARE death panels in the Obama Health Proposal.

Now, what were you saying about not eating cookie dough?

microdot said...

Middle Aged Woman, I have great empathy for your raw cookie dough problem.
I agree with mad jack about eggs, if you know your source and they are fresh, raw eggs are essential ingresients for mayonaise. tiramisu and many other delicious culinary preparations. I live in a place where I buy my eggs direct so to speak, so I really don't worry about it.

I was surprised the last time I was in Toledo and I ordered a steak at a restaurant (Adnans? Steak House) my brother in law raved about and was told that I could not have it as rare as I like it.
It seems it is illegal under Ohio law.

The raw cookie dough phenomena is something else again. In creating a convenience food, ready made dough, the manufacturer unwittingly created a junk food....
And with out making value harsh judgements, doesn't it say something about the insatiable consumerism of America?
Does it takes too much time to put the dough on a sheet and wait for the cookies to bake?
It's not that much harder to make real cookie dough and much cheaper and if you make it, at least you have the comfort of mind and personal satisfaction of knowing that you are responsible for your own salmonella poisoning.

toenail fungus treatment said...

Of course we all know the dangers of eating raw cookie dough (he just needed to make a daily post about some nonsense). But did you know eating carrots can lead to toenail fungus?

historymike said...


Guilty as charged in the Department of Making Up Words. There is a perverted joy in Googling a word you invented.

historymike said...

M.A.W. -

Great post! Glad to see that Michigan is recognizing its undiscovered literary diamonds.

historymike said...


I share your disgust with the idiocy of the debate on health care, which has largely devolved into the following slogans:

"Communism! Socialism! Anti-Americanism!"

Over and over ad nauseum.

historymike said...


Most of us urbanites do not have the luxury of accessing free-range, local eggs, but your point is well-taken.

historymike said...

Toenail Fungus:

This looks and smells like spam, but I'll let it go since you at least read the post.

Thomas said...

Rocky Balboa drank raw eggs while training, and he didn't get sick.

The "dangers" of cookie dough is such a silly topic. I've been eating it since I was able to steal it from my mom, and still make cookies mainly to eat it. Also, those fundraiser cookie dough tubs are pretty good.

Btw, did you know that 46% of all stats are made up?