Aug 25, 2009

On Organizing a Key Ring and Wasting Time

My time-stealing, disorganized collection of keys prior to their reformulation

While fumbling with my motley collection of keys, I began wondering how much time I waste per year by having a disorganized key ring. There are times when I probably spend 30 seconds or more flipping through my keys, especially when it is dark or if I have my arms full of packages. At an average of 15 seconds per fumble and 20 key incidents per week, this represents 31,200 lost seconds, or 8.66 hours per year spent fooling around with my keys.

At $30 an hour, this is hundreds of dollars in lost productivity for me. Gad!

I recently yanked about a dozen keys off the ring, which seemed to reduce my befuddlement a bit. Yet even my slimmed-down ring (no use of diet pills to achieve this) has 15 keys, and I endeavored to organize the keys to simplify life.

I first bunched together the car keys, house keys, and work keys into groups. After this I stuck all the miscellaneous together, like the key to my bike lock and the key that opens a filing cabinet at work.

Now, the astute among you will say something like this: "Mike, you just spent 20 minutes organizing your keys and another 20 minutes blogging about it. Wouldn't your time have been better spent on lecture prep or grading? Aren't you really getting distracted by a trivial matter when you have important work to do?"

To that I say "bollocks," and I daresay that in the grand scheme of things... hey, is that a butterfly?


Mr. Puggle said...

i am going to try to use befuddlement & bollocks this week in conversation. what fun words.

Mad Jack said...

I paired my key ring down recently, and now I'm able to carry it in my pocket. I haven't weighed Main Lady's key ring yet - she carries two, one large and the other larger.

Nicki said...

I must say...too, too funny. :)