Sep 5, 2009

New Profile Picture

I have used the same profile picture for well nigh five years now, and I thought it was time to update my website. Hence I present an image that my wife took today while we were out looking at furniture.

I may end up using the image for some of my academic profiles, though I definitely am in need of a shave. Perhaps the three-day beard look so prized by Hollywood actors has something to offer after all.

I passed up on the toothy, ear-to-ear grin shot my wife took while trying to get me to smile by cracking corny jokes about ping pong tables
and Pomeranians. It was endearing, in its own goofy way, but how will I ever be mistaken for a Serious and Renowned Internet Writer if I have such a friendly mug for the world to see? This image is a compromise between my Eastwood-like sneer of years past and the grinning images my wife prefers.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the are one tough-looking cutups in your Internet classroom or you will forward a cyber beatdown. (Only kidding...really!)

Hey, you should have been on that Jeopardy show...what happened to that gig? And don't leave us in the dark about the mystery check and what you decided to do with the funds. Your fans want answers.

historymike said...


1. Tough-looking only to ne'er-do-well criminal thugs on the mean streets of urban America...ahem.

2. My dogs performed "prospectivus contestantus interruptus" on me during the online tryouts. They engaged in a major fight right at my feet, which caused me to miss three straight questions while I separated the rambunctious canines. Alas, perhaps it was not meant to be.

3. Jury is still out on the mystery check. Said institution found yet ANOTHER way to jack with my money in the interim, meaning I am out about double the amount of the "wrong" check. I am leaning toward cashing it and donating the funds to a worthy cause.

ProfessorSeal said...

Keep the stubble - think about how often I shave, and how hot it makes me look.

Also, keep losing weight you skinny-ing SOB - it really shows!

She's a Math Lover said...

I think the smiling one shows a side that others rarely see! I had fun taking them!

kateb said...

That's you alrighty. I'm ready for a Distillery evening. Several maybe :-)