Sep 30, 2009

The Quote Shelf

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We busted out of class
Had to get away from those fools
We learned more from a three-minute record
Than we ever learned in school.

-- Bruce Springsteen, "No Surrender"


historymike said...

This was not a subversive commentary on higher education. I just listened to this song via iPod's Shuffle feature, and it reminded me of the time in my late teenaged years when I turned away from classrooms.

At that point I did learn more from three-minute records than schools, mostly because those were my sole sources of wisdom. In some ways this was pathetic (like the wisdom gained from Mojo Nixon songs), and in others (like that from Springsteen and Pete Townshend songs) my ethos began to take form.

You find bits of wisdom wherever you are, and if the only poetry I read was found on album liners, perhaps it is no surprise that it took me longer to figure out who I was.

Or maybe Springsteen was right.

mikeb302000 said...

Historymike, I enjoyed your post very much and identified with it too. In the late 60s I took a strong direction in my life, partly fuelled by the music of the day. It was not until the 80s that I turned back. It was then in my mid-thirties that I began to read, really. Then other good things came to me, opera for one. Now in my mid-almost-late-fifties, it all seems to be balancing out. Life is great.