Sep 26, 2009

TFL Roofing - High Quality Toledo-Area Roofer

On your left is a picture I took this morning of the new roof on my house, which was created by Toledo-area contractor TFL Roofing. I am posting about the roof as a Web testimonial from a satisfied customer who wants to extend his gratitude for quality work that exceeded my expectations.

The company is owned by Tom Lorkowski, and unlike some contractors Tom is intimately involved in all phases of the planning and installation. While he did not personally pound every roofing nail or spread every square inch of flashing, he was on-site to supervise his crew's excellent work, and he followed up quickly on a minor issue that we noticed after the house roof was completed.

I was so pleased with the work TFL Roofing performed that I immediately retained the company to replace the roof on my garage. Truth be told, my decision was in part motivated by the fact that my neurotic, order-obsessed self found a green house roof and a gray garage roof to be incompatible, but Tom's quality workmanship certainly hastened my decision to replace both roofs.

What I especially liked about Tom and his crew was how diligent they were in cleanup. Not only did the roofers pick up every scrap of old shingle that fell, but they also went around with a magnetic roller to make sure there were no stray nails laying around.

If you are thinking of getting a new roof and you are somewhere near the vicinity of Northwest Ohio, I unconditionally give my highest recommendations to TFL Roofing. Some low-budget firms may beat Tom by a couple of dollars on price quotes, but no one can outdo his company in quality. You can reach Tom at 419-536-2310 for a free estimate.


steve said...

Wow. looks great!

Anonymous said...

Wow... that doesn't sound like the same person that is responsible for the roof on my house! In fact, TFL roofing messed my roof up and I am in the process of a law-suit!

historymike said...

I do not see any court cases in the major court systems for TFL Roofing or for Tom Lorkowski. Do provide some details on the case, if you would, Anonymous.

historymike said...

Also, TFL Roofing has zero complaints with the Better Business Bureau.

Building Materials Supplies said...

TFL Roofing - High Quality Toledo-Area Roofer

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

They may not have complaints but then again TFL Roofing's rating is 'NR', TFL Roofing is not a MEMBER of the BBB.

Details as to any issues identified by BBB are contained in the business’ BBB Reliability Report.

A business may receive an “NR” (No Rating) instead of a rating under circumstances that include:

BBB file is being reviewed or updated
BBB does not have sufficient information about the business
Recent activity requires further review by BBB

Steve the Roofer said...

TFL Roofing - High Quality Toledo-Area Roofer

That looks like a nice roof

Anonymous said...

Looks are deceiving!

Denver roofing contractors said...

wow, you guy did a wonderfull job!