Oct 25, 2009

Congratulations to My Brother and His New Wife

Pictured on your left are my brother Chuck and his new wife Cheryl, who were joined together as husband and wife in front of a group of family and friends yesterday. In this photo are also my nephew Chris, who is an Army Ranger who has served three tours in Iraq, and my niece Amy, who is a theater buff and one of the funniest people I know. They were joined by Sarah, Chuck's older daughter, who was busy acting as the official photographer for the wedding.

My niece Sarah, who is an accomplished photographer and who wants to get a teaching license to teach (pause) HISTORY (pause), did not find my "hey-I-just-took-a-picture-of-a-person-taking-a-picture" joke to be very funny. In fact, her expression might be interpreted as "irritated" or "perturbed," given the fact that she was trying to snap some photos of family members. However, Sarah was a good sport and did not publicly berate her possibly brain-damaged uncle:

Left: Sarah and her camera

This is the second marriage for both Chuck and Cheryl, who have known each other since the 1970s. The consensus of opinion seems to be that this is a marriage destined for happiness, and I wish the two of them the best.

My big brother Chuck is an especially kind and patient man, and I have always looked up to him. He was the star athlete of the family, and even though I was supposedly the one with the brains, my brother earned his Associate's, Bachelor's, and Master's degrees before I even finished my BA in History.

Brains only carry you so far, just like good looks and Lamborghinis. Eventually it all comes down to hard work, and my brother has always been an excellent role model for me on this subject.

So to my hardworking brother with all the common sense, I congratulate you and my new sister Cheryl. May you have fifty years of happiness together!

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