Oct 29, 2009

Dissertation - Finito

Well, at least the draft of my dissertation that I turned over this afternoon to my committee members is finished, but I reached the point today where I decided I had written enough to prove my academic worth. Now comes the weeks of nail-biting while my committee dissects the fruits of several years worth of my labors, followed by the inevitable textual revisions, additional citations, or content excisions that my reviewers recommend.

I hope to defend my dissertation in late November, provided the professors reviewing my work do not fall onto the floor laughing and denounce me as an academic fraud. However, at least for the next few days I can unwind a bit and not worry about this rhetorical albatross.


Middle Aged Woman said...

Huge congratulations are in order. You're going to do great, Mikey.

Debbie G said...

I have no doubt they will be clamoring for you to publish imediately if not sooner!

Mad Jack said...

Tweedy Academic:Well now, here is a little light reading.

(canned laughter)

Bearded Academic, hefting his copy:What do you suppose it goes? 100 pages? More?

Pipe Smoking Academic:It's a thesis, Harry. It's supposed to be long, involved and verbose.

Academic Academic:Why didn't I have this last night, I'd like to know. I couldn't sleep... this would have been just the thing.

(canned laughter)

Philosophical Academic: Well, I'm headed for the Oh-Tee and a dry martini or two. I've got an early flight - Venice sabbatical and all, you know. Government grant, you know. Just put me down for the usual three minor corrections and an unsubstantiated conclusion or two. The usual. No sense giving him a hard time about it.

Graduate Assistant, Sammy Suckup: What's he have to say, Professor Smythe?

Long pause while all academics in the hall gaze at the GradAss with speculation.

Tweedy Academic: Harumph. Well, then, that's the question now, isn't it? Suppose you read this over the weekend and tell us what it says after lunch on Monday. That's a good boy.

(Academic murmurs of approval)

Jim Styro said...

I think I owe you a b-...uh, Diet Coke or something. Whatever beverage you want. Or maybe donuts.

Anyways, congratulations - seriously! That is a fantastic accomplishment - one for which I doubt that I have the disposition (read: "I'm just too f*cking lazy").

Does this mean you get to have some fun now - and we might have the chance to hang out before 2009 goes bye-bye?

Linda said...

Wonderful news Mike!

dr-exmedic said...

Congrats and good luck when the time comes!