Oct 1, 2009

Meet Bolt, an Australian Shepherd Mix

Pictured on your left is Bolt, a one-year-old Australian shepherd mix who was rescued from a local shelter. He is quite a bit underweight, weighing in at only 27 pounds today at the vet. Bolt looks like he will probably be around 40 pounds when he fills out.

Bolt gets along well with our other dogs, and he has a big toothy smile. He has a lot of energy, since he is still a puppy, though he already seems to know some commands. He is a bit timid at first, but he seems quite sociable and likes to sit at my feet while I work on the computer. Bolt is housebroken and also enjoys running around the backyard and being chased by the other dogs.

If you would like learn more about adopting Bolt, or you want to help financially support Planned Pethood's mission to rescue dogs and cats in Northwest Ohio, visit the Planned Pethood website for more information.


Molly said...

Wow is he that thin? With all that fur I didn't notice. lol I think he's got some aussie in him for sure but his head shape is wrong. I guess that explains why I fell for him since I love the breed. Glad he's being a good boy. Is he herding puggles? LOL

Tina said...

A beautiful dog deserving of a good home. Thanks for the service you provide in promoting them