Oct 9, 2009

Meet Lucy, a Rescue Pug

Pictured on your left is Lucy, a 13-pound Pug whose former owner could no longer care for her. She is not the proverbial spring chicken, as she is somewhere around seven years old, but Lucy seems to have many good years ahead of her.

I had several other pictures of Lucy, but this one I found especially endearing and representative of her personality.

Lucy is housebroken, gets along very well with our other dogs, and simply wants a forever home where she can cuddle up with someone. Lucy is best described with the phrases "affectionate" and "laid back," and I have yet to hear her bark. Lucy is just a good natured little dog who through no fault of her own found herself in unfortunate circumstances, and she will provide years of companionship to her next owners.

If you would like learn more about adopting Lucy, or if you want to help financially support Planned Pethood's mission to rescue dogs and cats in Northwest Ohio, visit the Planned Pethood website for more information.

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