Oct 8, 2009

A Note to Faithful Readers

I am heading into the home stretch of my dissertation, the rough draft of which I plan to complete by the end of this month. Because of this increasing workload, I have been less-than-dutiful in responding to blog emails and - more importantly - the many thoughtful comments that folks have posted.

Ah, the guilt.

Over the next three weeks I plan to post regularly, but my participation in the ongoing comments dialogue will be quite limited, even more than my virtual reticence of the past few weeks. Please do not interpret my silence as disagreement or a lack of interest in what you have to say, because nothing can be further from the truth. I cherish every visitor who stops by and is moved enough by something I write to leave a comment, and I promise to return to a more engaged level of conversation in a few weeks.

My task is quite simple, really: I need to write about 50 pages of text in three weeks. The past few days have been quite productive, and sticking to my goal of a minimum of two pages of new material a day will keep me on target for my goal (the final project will be somewhere around 310 pages, including bibliography and appendices).

So by all means continue to offer your thoughts in the comments section, as this may among the only human interaction I enjoy for the next month. Oh, and thank you, Jesus: the unexpected gift of a free hour of time at work today allowed me to churn out yet another page.


Debbie G said...

Mike the dissertation has to be your main focus now, along with working 10 different jobs, your wife, family and the other measly 5K of things that have to be done each day, do what you gotta do and get 'er done! Good Luck!

mud_rake said...

I'd say that 'blogging' is a recreational sport and can be ignored for long chunks of time while the real world demands your attention.

Best of luck with that draft!

dr-exmedic said...


I trust by now that you've fixed the title page? (I assume you're going for a Doctor of Philosophy, not Phliosophy.)

Good luck though.

historymike said...

Debbie G:

Yes, I am clearing off my plate in many ways the next months (except for foster dogs - we'll be back up to two fosters tomorrow).

historymike said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Muddy.

historymike said...

Dr. Ex-MEdic:

Sharp eye and thanks. I wonder why my frigging spellchecker did not pick that up - I must have programmed the dictionary to accept "phliosophy."

Mr. Puggle said...

Jesus is good like that. Keep churin'

Anonymous said...


Keep up the good work...your blog will not be neglected by your many fans, some of whom can completely empathize with you as you enter the final stretch. Do not be discouraged if your pace slightly slackens since there innumerable things that need tidying up. As you well know the dissertation is part of the educational process and not a finished product. A few hiatuses and infelicities always delight an examining committe and allow the members to display their erudition for you and their colleagues. (I am not, of course, suggesting their inclusion by choice!)

Best of luck...and keep us posted (when possible) as to your progress.