Oct 3, 2009

On Jinxing Your Team by Tuning into the Game

Left: MSU's Larry Caper scoring the winning touchdown in OT against the Michigan Wolverines (photo by Todd McInturf / The Detroit News)

I am sad to report that the University Of Michigan's four-game winning streak came to an end in a 26-20 overtime loss to Michigan State University. The loss is even tougher since Michigan came back from a 20-6 late fourth quarter deficit to tie the game as regulation ended.

Yet I think I may have jinxed the Wolverines in their loss.

You see, I had not been watching the game, and I kept checking in online at ESPN.com. I saw that the score went from 20-6 to 20-13, and then I followed the progress online, virtually watching young Tate Forcier guide the Michigan offense to a touchdown with seconds to go, making the game 20-20.

That is when I gave up work on my dissertation and frantically began searching the cable for the game. After all, I thought, this was a game that was bordering on the epic, and for Michigan to come back and pull out a road win after being down by 14 points late in the game was something for a fan like me to behold.

Unfortunately, as soon as I found the game hidden away on the Big Ten Network (Buckeye Cablevision channel 645-HD), Michigan fell apart. First there was the tipped interception, and then Michigan State score a game-winning OT touchdown.

Sorry, Michigan fans: I blew the game by tuning in late. The team played just fine until I switched from online updates to watching the game live. It is now time for this shame-ridden fan to start looking for Manhattan hotels in which to hide until the team wins again.

The only possible exception to my jinx-guilt is the fact that some South Asian telemarketer interrupted my overtime game-watching with some annoying questions. Perhaps had I not been pestered by this outsourced, underpaid call center worker, my full psychic powers could have been transferred to the Michigan Wolverines, and they actually would have won the game.

I think I like the blame-the-Gujarati-worker scenario better: I can thump my nationalistic chest and avoid culpability.


Anonymous said...

OSU fans thank you, mikey.

Anonymous said...

MSU fans thank you Mike...go Green!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for helping the good guys win, Mike. Go Green!