Oct 7, 2009

Strange Facebook Word Verification

While surfing Facebook the other day I encountered an especially weird combination of words that seemed to be telling some sort of story. The letters spelled out the words "romping Gerald," and I found odd the verb-noun combination and the images it evoked.

I first considered that "romping Gerald" might have been a young child on a sunny summer afternoon, spending time in the backyard with a dog or some friends. This "romping Gerald" could have been any one of us on an idyllic July day.

I next thought of the former U.S. president with the first name of Gerald, and I considered how he once played center and linebacker for the University of Michigan football team during the 1930s. This "romping Gerald" certainly matched the historical record, though as far as I know his romping remained on the football field, unlike several of our more lustful chief executives.

I briefly pondered "romping Gerald" in the context of gang initiation, but then I decided that I had wasted far too much time on a randomly-generated pair of words.

1 comment:

Mr. Puggle said...

ahhhhhhhh, thanks for the escape from my piles of work. glad you are back to normal now. :) i am very suspicious of facebook and wonder if they are using mind control or subliminal messages...muahahahaha

watch, next week, a new movie will come out "Romping Gerald" and all of america will go see it, well those that are on facebook.

btw, the word verification for this post is "ememewi"