Oct 27, 2009

A Tasty Organic Salad Mix

Just a quick plug for a remarkable organic salad mix we bought at Costco last week. The product's brand name is Taylor Fresh Organic Baby Spring Mix, and the blend of greens has been a tasty accompaniment to our dinners the past week.

The one-pound package was something like $4.00, and I have prepared two-person portions for the last five meals. Even more interesting: the "sell-by" date was October 26 (yesterday), and the salad mix is almost as fresh today as it was when we bought it last week, despite being opened and closed at least five times.

Fresh produce, healthy living, and low cost - what's not to love?


Middle Aged Woman said...

I'll add it to the mister's shopping list. I avoid the "C" place whnever possible, but I love their deals.

Anonymous said...

That's Nice !!!!