Dec 13, 2009

Found: Female Poodle, Secor-Laskey Area

Lost small white female miniature poodle in West Toledo who wants her mamaPictured on your left is a small white female miniature poodle who found her way to my house yesterday in West Toledo. She has some significant vision problems and she is very sad, whining to be returned to her lost owner.

Contact me at if you think you might be the little dog's owner.


historymike said...

Good news - the dog's elderly owner saw a sign we posted and claimed her. Happy ending time!

Mad Jack said...

Excellent! Good job, HistoryMikePhD. I bet the dog was glad to see her owner.

How did the little dog escape?

historymike said...

The owner's grandson let the dog out and she wandered off. Due to her vision problems, she was not able to find her way back home, and they could not find her.

She only wandered two blocks, but for a little dog with bad eyes, it could have been deadly, especially if she ventured near Laskey Road.