Dec 18, 2009

Loading the Rear Window With Junk

I suppose there are worse problem drivers on the road than people who load up their back windows with useless knick knacks, but the elderly woman in front of me the other day seemed to take this habit to excess. Blocking her rear view were at least nine dolls approximately 15-18 inches in height, artistically arranged on the platform under the window.

To give her some credit the driver put the tallest dolls toward the side, meaning that the middle was less obstructed than the sides. Still, her ability to see behind her vehicle was quite restricted, like when she tried to back up behind the pedestrian lines at the light at Flanders and Laskey.

Perilously close to my trusty-but-rusty Hyundai.

I assume that the auto-dolls are an attempt to reflect the driver's personality, like the way that testosterone-laden young adults trick out their Hondas and Impalas. Personally, though, I prefer my own windows to be clean and free from obstructions, so that I can see impending death quickly enough to say a prayer or cuss word.

Who wants to get smoked without getting in a quick F-bomb first?

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rebecca said...

I thought that was illegal. If not, why not?