Dec 31, 2009

On the NFL Playoffs and Massive Online Communities

I visited the website for the National Football League a few minutes ago to check out the playoff scenarios as the NFL teams head into the final game of the season this weekend. Since my Detroit Lions found themselves out of playoff contention by about Week Eight, I have had to amuse myself by cheering for other teams. I find the New Orleans Saints, the Philadelphia Eagles, the San Diego Chargers, and the Cincinnati Bengals to be the most interesting playoff contenders this year, though I also have a soft spot for the puzzling Houston Texans.

My early picks for the Super Bowl are the Indianapolis Colts and the Philadelphia Eagles, though admittedly there are plenty of hot teams right now who could make a run in the postseason. The Eagles have posted six straight victories, though the talent level of some of these opponents has been less than top notch. Still, you want to be playing your best at the end of the season, and the Eagles qualify here.

While surfing the NFL website I also came across a comment forum on the same page as the playoff scenarios. Since this page was posted about a month ago, thousands of visitors have logged over 31,000 comments related to the playoffs, their favorite teams, and the utter contempt with which they hold stars on opposing teams or any poster who disagrees with them.

Which is to say that the NFL Playoff Picture forum is like most Internet forums, with the exception that it is exceedingly difficult to build some sort of community in a place where new posts appear within seconds of each other. An attempt to discuss matters related to the NFL is going to be buried with a minute or two, and the sheer volume of posters means that every conversation will wind up being joined by dozens of posters.

Or like having a conversation with a few friends only to be joined by the entire city of Kalamazoo, Michigan.

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