Dec 20, 2009

Quirky Website - The Fake Name Generator

The Quirky Website of the Week is a semi-regular feature on this site. Feel free to recommend other quirky websites in the Comments section.

While trying to rekindle my interest in some fiction writing, I found myself struggling for a name to give a male character. I hopped over to Google and found the Fake Name Generator, which is billed as the "most advanced name generator on the Internet."

Visitors might also use the site to generate fake identities, and the Fake Name Generator also provides an address for your character. This was an example of a female name the site generated:

Savanna L. Ruvalcaba
511 Marigold Lane
Pompano Beach, FL 33069

Of course, I wound up spending 15 minutes laughing at some of the odd names, so my efforts to compose the Great American Novel took a back seat to Net-tomfoolery, but if you need a random name this is the site for you.

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