Jan 27, 2010

A Dissertation on Prester John

Woodcut image of mythical priest-king Prester John from Hartmann Schedel's Nuremberg Chronicle (1493)

Readers with an interest in European expansion and/or the mythical figure of Prester John (or those folks who have far too much time on their hands) can feel free to peruse my dissertation online:

Prester John: A Reexamination and Compendium of the Mythical Figure Who Helped Spark European Expansion

The document may or may not require an OhioLink account to access - I cannot remember the option I chose. I will probably upload a copy to Google Documents if the OhioLink version is limited to people with connections to a participating university or library.

I cannot promise that you will be entertained by my dissertation, or that you will even find it readable, but this is how I spent most of the past 18 months as a scholar. Moreover, as one advisor put it: "You just have to get done - a dissertation is a diamond in the rough, and you can make your work perfect when you get it published as a monograph."

Thus I am done, and I am ready to move on to other research topics - this one needs to rest for a few months while I decompress.


microdot said...

I was able to download it as a pdf file and it opens right up.
Thanks for the opportunity to read your work and legend of Prester John is a subject that has fascinated me...

Mad Jack said...

327 pages, and I had to use the dictionary twice just to get through the abstract.

Thanks, but I think there must be a Spenser novel I haven't read yet. Or something.

Jason said...

Ohiolink isn't loving somebody tonight; it's failing to let me connect to it.