Jan 5, 2010

The Quote Shelf

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A lengthier quote today that jumped out at me while listening to an old song - a short vignette depicting a pair of small-time thugs with pathetically small dreams, Jersey versions of would-be wiseguys:

Well Cherry says she's gonna walk
'Cause she found out I took her radio and hocked it
But Eddie, man, she don't understand
That two grand's practically sitting here in my pocket

And tonight's gonna be everything that I said
And when I walk through that door
I'm just gonna throw that money on the bed
She'll see this time I wasn't just talking
Then I'm gonna go out walking

-- Bruce Springsteen, "Meeting Across The River"


Charlie said...

I first saw Bruce play in concert in December 1979 and to this day compare every concert experience to that show. I have seen him six times now and can not wait until the seventh.

If you didn't have the opportunity to watch the Kennedy Center Honors show that aired last week, you missed a treat.

historymike said...

I first saw The Boss on October 9, 1980 at Cobo Arena in Detroit during The River tour. This was the best Springsteen show I ever attended - I think I have seen him perform about 20 times. In the 1980s I managed food and beverage operations at Joe Louis and Cobo Arena in Detroit, so I watched all those shows for free.

My next favorite was an acoustic show he performed in January 1996 at Detroit's Fox Theater during the Ghost of Tom Joad tour. This was almost like going to church - just Bruce, his guitar, and a side musician who added an occasional mandolin or percussion. A haunting show, that one...

Charlie said...

It is amazing how you always know the date you first saw the Boss live while other dates sometimesfade into the mist.

I wrote something a few years ago when I saw him but won't constipate your valuable space here.

Link is below if you are interested.

And no, its not Chinese porn.


microdot said...

When I first read of Springsteen in the late 70's and the article that referred to him as "the future of rock" I thought, as a young punk should have dutifully thought, How could anyone live up to this tripe?

But he managed to outlive the tripe and transcend it!

I never met him, but my nephew is his motorcycle mechanic. There are a few recent phblicity pics of Bruce sitting in my little nephews 1926 Studebaker "Contraption" with the Dead Elvis gear shift...

historymike said...

My only Bruce closeup occurred in 1985 during the Born in the USA tour. I was working at Joue Louis Arena and watching the sound check, which is sometimes a verbotten activity if the performer requests no audience during sound checks. I was standing just inside the walkway between the upper and lower bowls when Bruce walked right in front of me.

I half expected to get chewed out, but he just smiled and said: "How's it going?"

That's it. I garbled something like "g-g-good" and off he went to check the sound around the rest of the arena while the E Street Band continued playing.