Jan 14, 2010

Local Business Profile: J-Cups Pizza

Living as I do in the middle of the American Rust Belt, whenever possible I like to patronize and promote local businesses. "Local Business Profile" is an occasional feature on this site in which I use this blog to highlight quality Toledo-area businesses. Have a suggestion for a future profile? Email me at mebrook@bgsu.edu .

If there is one industry I know well, it would be the pizza business, and I spent over two decades managing and owning pizza restaurants. A colleague from my pizza days recently opened a new venture called J-Cups Pizza at 5406 N. Summit Street in the Point Place neighborhood of Toledo.

Jim Jacob is the proprietor, and he managed several of my restaurants in the 1990s. He brought with him some seasoned veterans, and off the top of my head I think his management team has something like 50 years of combined experience making pizzas.

In short, Jim knows his pizza.

The emphasis at J-Cups Pizza is quick carryout service and competitive prices. One way the restaurant keeps its costs low is by passing up on the delivery business, which I know from personal experience to be a ton of extra overhead in labor and insurance costs. A medium one-item pizza is only $4.25, while a large one-item pizza is a mere $5.00.

However, unlike some of the larger chains, lower prices does not mean skimpy toppings or a paper-thin layer of cheese. This is an excellent-tasting pizza with a spicy-sweet sauce and freshly made dough, and the quality stacks up with any competitor.

J-Cups Pizza offers a wide variety of other menu items, including oven-baked subs, cheese breads, chicken wings, salads, and baked dessert items. Also noteworthy is the Ready-to-Go menu, and J-Cups Pizza keeps cooking pepperoni pizzas all day long when you need a quick meal and are short on time.

Give J-Cups Pizza a call today at (419)-720-8669 for fast carryout and great-tasting pizza. Chances are Jim will be making your pizza himself, as he is the kind of owner who is hands-on and dedicated to building a successful business. I remember that whenever I moved Jim to a new store, sales always increased, as he made sure every customer was happy and he motivated his crew to produce the best possible quality.

I suspect his dedication will only double now that he is on his own.


microdot said...

man, some times I miss real pizza and wings so baddd...
do they deliver to the dordogne?

Andy G. said...

We'll check it out, Mikey - we live in the Point!!

Jason said...

And here I thought a restaurant named "J-Cups" would be trying to compete with Hooters.... ;)

Anonymous said...

J-Cups Pizza is awesome. My kids and their friends would eat it every day. We have had it several times and it has been excellent.