Jan 18, 2010

Meet Ashley, a Rescue Dachshund

Pictured on your left is Ashley, a female, 16-pound Dachshund who is about five years old. Ashley's owner surrendered her to a local dog pound when she determined she could no longer care for her dogs.

Ashley is a sweet little girl who is rather timid at times, but she is gentle and loving. If Ashley had her way she would be curled up on someone's lap 24 hours a day. After a week we have not noticed any negative behaviors, though she is a picky eater. Her new owners will also need to work on housebreaking, as Ashley has been reluctant to travel outside. This is improving, but undoubtedly there will be a several day adjustment period for this doggie.

Ashley is also easily excitable and gets a bit nervous when there is a lot of activity, so she would probably thrive better in a quieter setting (i.e., not one with a lot of children running around and getting her agitated). This is not to suggest that Ashley dislikes children (she loves anyone who snuggles with her) but only to point out that high levels of activity cause her to bark and hide. Ashley is not a biter, does not chew household items, and only barks when she is nervous.

To learn more about adopting Ashley, or if you want to help financially support Planned Pethood's mission to rescue dogs and cats in Northwest Ohio, visit the Planned Pethood website for more information.


Mad Jack said...

The only dachshund I ever interacted with was a neighbor's dog. Max lived right next door and liked to bite people, me included.

historymike said...

Ashley is as docile as a doormat, MJ.