Jan 1, 2010

New Year Resolutions

I fall into the camp of those who create and attempt to keep resolutions each New Year, and I figured that the start of the new decade was no time to break tradition. My track record in living up to my resolutions leaves something to be desired, though I did lose 25 pounds in 2009 (though I added about six of those back while chained to my laptop in full-out dissertation mode this fall).

Here, then, are my principal resolutions for the New Year; I reserve the right to completely disregard my resolutions and to deny I ever made them in the first place:

1. Get under and stay under 200 pounds for the first time since the late 1990s.
2. Exercise every day.
3. Get two articles published in peer-reviewed journals.
4. Get my dissertation accepted for publication as a monograph.
5. Have fun.

Feel free to leave any resolutions in the Comments section - I promise not to hold them against you if you do not succeed in keeping your 2010 resolutions.


Middle Aged Woman said...

Having fun is good. TWO articles? As sole author? Or co-authored?

historymike said...

Yes - I have a lot of written material I need to get shipped out. I have a tendency to get excited about research and then move on to another topic, which is perhaps indicative of some form of intellectual ADD.

microdot said...

One of my resolutions actually is one of my new found super powers and I have the ability to impart it to you:

The realization that there is always enough time to do what you have to do the way you want to have it done.