Jan 13, 2010

Profiting from the Haitian Earthquake Disaster

While surfing eBay a few minutes ago, I had the idea to check and see if any vendors were offering merchandise related to the deadly Haitian earthquake. Sure enough, a seller with the screen name of togowidget is offering commemorative T-shirts for the low, low price of $34.95 USD.

These 100% polyester white T-shirts feature prints of a ribbon version of the Haitian flag on the front along with arm prints of the Haitian flag and a map of the Caribbean. The seller does not currently list any charities associated with the sale of the shirts, so I assume that all T-shirt profits go to the seller.

Of course, there is no law that says a merchant cannot profit from the sale of commemorative merchandise, even in the midst of a disaster that might claim the lives of 100,000 Haitian citizens. Still, one wonders how such a person sleeps at night.

Also, in case the link gets yanked by eBay, I saved a screen shot for posterity:

Left: eBay offer of Haitian earthquake T-shirts for $34.95; click for larger image

I also have another reason for posting this screen shot - should togowidget decide to change the offer and donate a few dollars to relief efforts, I have a degree of protection against an idiotic defamation lawsuit. Anyone who would profit from tragedy probably would not hesitate to sue a blogger who writes about said profiteering.

Funny: I was just mentioning to a friend how little in the news these days made me fired up enough to write a blog post. Thanks, togowidget, for restoring my faith in the sickening greed that a few human beings can exhibit in times of turmoil and chaos.


andy g. said...

Hell, eternal fire, etc. God sees all!

historymike said...

Heh - the seller is now providing the following disclaimer: "10% of the final sale price will support American Red Cross (Small deduction may apply. Learn more)." I guess enough folks complaining caused the seller to act in a more responsible fashion, though there is still a whopping profit to be made. Glad I saved the screen shot.

microdot said...

Whopping Profit to be made...
I was sickened to see and read the transcript and video of Pat Robertson on the 700 Club releasing his racist, hoodoo scary stories of how Haiti was being punished by God for a pact it made with the devil to gain independance from France, and of course, give Pat Roberson more money...so he can buy more stock in African Slave Labor Diamond Mines.

It made me so mad, that I re educated myself regarding the facts about Haitian Independance and how the nation was forced to pay for it with loans obtained from the USA and France and other countries.
Paying off these loans took until 1943 and kept the nation impoverished, then the Duvaliers took over and kept borrowing money from foreign governemnts to support their lavish life style and furthur impoverished the country.
We kept lending money to the Duvallier...Papa and Baby Doc until the revolution pushed them out of power in 1983.
Pat Robertsons. Haitian Pact with the Devil...
He's right if you want to accept that the devil was us.

microdot said...

b y the way, I seem to be getting a lot of flack for criticizing Robertson as "it takes away from the good that his organization does"
If you check out how he is rated as a charitable foundation, the real work done for your dollar when it gets into his hands, it's pretty obvious that your money will get wasted...there is very little actual result delivered. A lot of leakage and corruption.
You should really check out the rating of the religious foundation who wants your money for a charity operation. A lot of that money goes to limos, private jets and luxury lifestyle perks of the holy big wigs.


artharbor said...

Instead of just finding one dealer on e-bay profiting from the Haitian Earthquake, maybe you should delve a little deeper. E-bay and Paypal are reaping in the bucks with donations for Haiti in that they rake off 5% on each donation. One can't buy or sell without running into tags asking one to donate to help Haitian relief efforts, through them of course.