Jan 19, 2010

Quirky Websites: The Big Red Button

The Quirky Website of the Week is a semi-regular feature on this site. Feel free to recommend other quirky websites in the Comments section.

Those readers with far too much time on their hands might check out The Big Red Button website. There really is not much on the site besides a Big Red Button (and some derivatives of the device), but the interactivity and accompanying text are a way to kill a few minutes in a manner slightly more interesting than unfolding the paper clips in your drawer.

That was a literal statement, and not some form of demented euphemism for self-gratification.

Anyways, stick with The Big Red Button long enough and important life lessons shall be revealed, or at least some thoughtful commentary shall appear on the screen. Maybe even a laugh or two will come your way, and Strivectin SD will be the least of your worries.

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Corey said...

Here's one for ya...