Jan 30, 2010

Toasty Puggles

My Puggles Eddie Haskell and Chauncey Gardiner know exactly where to go after a few minutes in the single-digit January cold, and that is directly to our peninsula fireplace. The dogs soon fall into a comfortable slumber in the radiated gas heat, and when you try to roust them from their warm reverie, the Puggles have the almost-drugged look of hibernating bears.

This behavior is cute in dogs, but when one of my children decides to plop down in front of the fireplace, I get annoyed. This blocks passage between rooms, and one is forced to either step over the supine dozer or go the long way around the house, through the kitchen and two hallways.

Kids: you are not dogs. Put on a sweater and a pair of slippers and move out of the way.


Alpha Bitch said...

That's a fabulous picture. They look quite content.

Katy and Chris said...

What a life!

Puggle Preston said...

awww...too cute! Puggles are hilarious!