Jan 24, 2010

Winter and Thunder

A warm front passing through the region created an unusual (for Ohio) weather pattern this morning that caused me to put on a pair of shoes at 5:50 am and step outside to investigate. The rumbling I heard was indeed thunder, even though the outside temperature was still 38 degrees.

We should wind up somewhere in the mid-40s for the next day or so, at least until the cold returns and brings with it some snow. But for the moment it looks and sounds like a springtime thunderstorm.


You know the drill.

The novelty of a thunderstorm while snow remains on the ground makes me yearn even more intensely for the formal arrival of spring. That being said, it has been a relatively mild winter so far in Northwest Ohio, with light snowfall and few super-cold days. If it must stay winter for 2-3 more months, at least let it be like this.

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