Jan 20, 2010

Wintertime and Weight Gain Blues

Stepping on the scale the last few weeks has been discouraging, as between my heavy holiday eating and lower physical activity the last few months my weight has climbed almost 15 pounds. This means the 25 pounds I lost last summer have been reduced to a mere 10 pounds, mostly due to eating less-than-healthy foods.

The temptation, of course, is to turn to quick weight loss solutions instead of working on the lifestyle basics: healthy eating and proper exercise. This week has been much better, as I have walked outdoors at least 30 minutes every day since Sunday and I have avoided eating like it is my full-time job.

Yet even though I can rationalize some of my weight gain by recognizing I was chained to my chair cranking out my dissertation for a large chunk of the period in which my weight climbed, this is no consolation. I know that I could have maintained my exercise regimen and at least avoided gaining weight, and it is through daily exercise that I accomplished the 25-pound drop over the four-month period.

Though this post was largely a self-reflective piece of navel-gazing (literally and figuratively), thanks for reading!

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