Feb 20, 2010

A Cute Wedding Gag

I enjoyed a moment of levity during a wedding I attended today. I have seen quite a few wedding gags over the years, including the ubiquitous "oops-where's-the-wedding-ring" routine, but I saw a well-choreographed skit this afternoon that is worth mentioning.

At the moment the preacher announced "you may kiss the bride," groom Todd Hamilton paused, raised a finger, and turned to his best man. The best man pulled out an aerosol breath spray, gave the groom a quick freshening, and the groom returned to place a kiss on his new bride, Rachal Goodluck Hamilton.

Too funny and executed perfectly.

Anyways, I hope the best for the happy couple, and I pray that they have many wonderful decades together!


microdot said...

I got married in November in NYC by the County Clerk, Marai Bianca. I had the kissable fresh mouth spray administered by my soon to be newly official little nephew, a huge Jersey biker fellow.
We had real wedding rings, but our friend, who is a real artist, made us little ball and chains, which we exchanged...
Now, I was at a wedding in July, here in the Dordogne...at the reception, they played a hilariously, slightly obscene game involving ballons and bellows.
There were three couples, the man seated on the chair with the bellow device on his lap. The woman sta on his lap with the hose of the bellows attached to a red ballon between her legs.
When the competition began, the women started to bounce up and down on the laps of their husbads and the balloon inflated. The first balloon to burst, was the winner.
Everybody was rolling on the floor laughing...
Allez Mami! Allez!

Middle Aged Woman said...

Very sweet, and considerate of the new bride, even! Occasionally the gags go overboard. I think I am missing out on some good french parties, though!