Feb 9, 2010

Days of Snow

I am not ready to holler "blizzard" yet, but Northwest Ohio is in the middle of a strong winter storm that will dump as much as a foot of snow on the region by Wednesday evening. I think about four inches have already accumulated in my neighborhood, though the blowing and drifting makes an accurate reading difficult.

I cleared my docket of most appointments that would require me to drive, but I had to keep an interview with a city council member for a story I am working on for the Toledo Free Press. The roads were lousy, but I lucked out and found a metered space right across the street from One Government Center.

And yes: I put money in the meter. No sense taking a chance on a parking ticket to save 50 cents.

I returned home to find that my earlier efforts to keep the driveway clear had been obliterated by another two inches of snow. I spent the next 90 minutes re-shoveling my driveway, then that of an elderly neighbor, and then re-shoveling my re-shoveling, but eventually I decided that this was enough physical exertion for one day. Heck, that time could have been better spent on something more substantial, like working on a BPI certification.

I suppose I am fortunate that all of this activity occurred on the one day per week I set aside as an "off" day, though I would rather have used the day catching up on the half-dozen minor projects that have been lingering. Still, some day I would like to have a real snow day, one in which I sit around and enjoy the silence and the beauty of a heavy snowstorm.


Engineer of Knowledge said...

Hello Mike,
We have been getting true Nor-Eastern snow storms here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

We got 8" early last week, 30" over the weekend, and tonight they are calling between 10"-18". The roof on the local Walmart in Seafor, DE caved in and is closed. I know farmers that have chicken houses that caved in.

So in conclusion in one week time frame, we here in the Mid-Atlantic could get as much as 56".

I will be 57 in April and I never remembered this much snow ever.

Anonymous said...

I am so thankful that I married such a hard-working man!

historymike said...


I am counting my blessings - the Baltimore-DC corridor has been absolutely pounded the past week.

historymike said...

Anonymous (who is not so anonymous to me):

I am the lucky one!

Engineer of Knowledge said...

Hello Mike,
The official snow measurement today, Thursday, 02-11-10, for the area of the Delmarva Peninsula, (due East from Washington, D.C.), that I live on is 52”. My lane is 1/3rd of a mile long and I was having to clear 5’ snow drifts. I was clearing mine and my neighbor’s lane at a rate of 50yds / hr.

No one is supposed to be driving on the roads today and the police are handing out $50.00 tickets for anyone they catch out. This also includes the State of Delaware too.