Feb 4, 2010

On Becoming a Queen

Pictured on your left is Missy, a 7-year-old female terrier mix we fostered and later adopted through Planned Pethood. You can read the earlier posts about Missy's hellish past if you want to know the background of this abused dog, but suffice to say that this is one of the worst abuse cases I have ever seen in years of volunteering in pet rescue.

Anyways, Missy is doing very well these days, and since readers occasionally ask about her, I thought I would post an update. She gained back all of her weight and is now about 20 pounds, and her health is almost perfect. Yesterday she traveled for the first time to the groomer, and she walked out of the place looking positively radiant: shiny coat, clipped nails, and a new hairdo.

Missy has made a great deal of progress in socialization as well. Missy was previously locked 23 hours a day in a cage, so she was a bit clueless in interactions with non-abusive people as well as other dogs. While she is still a little jumpy, she now walks right up and seeks out affection when she needs it, and she rarely reacts aggressively toward the other dogs.

After so many years of abuse and neglect, this dog deserves the royal treatment.

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Debbie G said...

She looks gorgeous! Fits right in to the Brooks home!